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Re-Imagine Procurement

Built for Procurement, by Procurement People.

EC Esourcing

EC eSourcing

Perform more sourcing in less time, with less pain, while increasing savings.

EC Optimize

EC Optimize

Create award scenarios with more savings and less internal resistance.

EC Supplier

EC Supplier

Store supplier data and manage relationships to optimize ROI.

EC Spend

EC Spend

Spot new opportunities across spend for savings and synergy capture.

EC Contracts

EC Contracts

Manage all contracts, expiration dates, & renewals proactively in one place.

EC Workflow

EC Workflow

Organize procurement process management activity with stakeholders.

EC Insights

EC Insights

Drive greater visibility to insights & key metrics across the organization.

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Trusted Advisor Series – Stakeholder Communication Planning

A sound communication plan should address who you need to communicate with, what you will communicate on, the means by which you will communicate, and finally the frequency by which you elect to communicate.


Based on a Nobel Prize-winning thesis, this white paper explores how traditional ratings and decision making approaches based on “expert” opinions typically are no more accurate than guesses. It explains how a Nobel Prize-winning economist and behavioral scientist inspired the SolutionMap ratings methodology. The analysis also attempts to objectively explain the differences between Spend Matters’ SolutionMap and other research studies.

EC Sourcing Group has been recognized for the 9th consecutive quarter by leading third-party procurement research firm, Spend Matters, as a Value and Customer leader. This datasheet provides a snapshot of the comparative results for both e-sourcing and optimization tools. It also covers the methodology used for research analysts and customers to score technology providers. For additional details on how the SolutionMap stacks up against other research studies, please see the Research Methodology Comparison.

The speed and complexity of business continues to accelerate and expectations are high for managing risk, increasing savings and streamlining operations. This report analyzes 250 strategic sourcing programs and presents the Best-in-Class competencies for improving the sourcing function and its results.

Strategic sourcing today requires a unique set of processes and technology for a more holistic approach to savings identification. This report analyzes the intentions, performance and strategies of over 140 companies and looks to define the emergence of advanced framework for achieving best-in-class results.

A platform that is not used does not identify savings or generate value. Many organizations are only using their existing eSourcing platform on 25% of their events. The real question is why? Adoption is the key to your success.

Customer Feedback:

We monitor the market and evaluate other options on a regular basis but we still have not found a product that is this easy to use - so we stay!

Randy Briesath

CEO Supply Tigers (Customer)

I have been in wireless for 12 years and this is the best RFI/RFP process that I have experienced, streamlined, concise, and easy to understand.

Paul Clewell, Vice President

Albion Scaccia Enterprises (Supplier)

They understand what you need and how you want to receive it because they've lived in your world.

Tony Tufts

Senior Analyst, Provident Spend Management

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Ron Emma

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Jen Andretta

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Jennifer Myers

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Shandon Gunter

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