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EC eSourcing


Simplify and streamline sourcing while boosting speed & transparency

EC eSourcing Solution

Companies large and small are making the switch to EC eSourcing because of the unique combination of robust functionality and ease of use. Sourcing can be complex, labor intensive and time consuming. Our teams and technology combine to digitally transform processes — saving time, improving results and driving more savings more quickly.

eSourcing solutions for & by practitioners like you

Capabilities Snapshot:

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Our teams have experience in the RFP trenches and partner with sourcing leaders to accelerate the impact of digital & procurement transformation initiatives – all while improving results and supplier performance

Improving sourcing results, supplier engagement, and procurement ROI with client-driven enhancements

Excel-friendly upload/download the majority of project content
Numerous types and unlimited template possibilities for rapid and efficient re-use
Supplier input controls – receive desired content in preferred formats
Open API allows for turn-key integration with all other data systems
Automated reminders to ensure suppliers stay on track
Rich specification management – upload thousands in just a single zip file
Optional gating for confidentiality & managing Ts and Cs up front
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (Text Analysis & Navigation)

Solutions that help procurement & sourcing teams…

Expand value rapidly to new departments and categories
Shorten Time
Shorten traditional RFx & sourcing cycle times by 40-60%
Drive average annual savings improvements of 15-30%
Generate actionable insights & transfer more knowledge
Increase influence & spend under management by 20-40%
Align more effectively & securely across data systems & stakeholders

Discover how leading procurement organizations leverage our solutions and team as an extension of their own to optimize value & results

EC eSourcing (formally FlexRFPTM) is our eSourcing sourcing event & RFP project management toolkit, a highly intuitive and configurable solution embraced by both buyers and suppliers alike.

EC eSourcing is continually enhanced to align with industry best practices in terms of data security, regulatory compliance, and SaaS-specific deployments for Global Supply Chain, Sourcing, Procurement, Purchasing, and Finance professionals across virtually all industry segments.

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Experience dynamic technology that helps put an end to…

Impossible–to–find project data you’ve used previously
Internal audits that are painful because of lack of documentation
High costs due to data integrity & integration challenges
Stakeholder & supplier frustration with the tools or process
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Use EC eSourcing if you’re moving away from in-house production and toward contracting with offshore suppliers.

Instead of annual or multi-year contract negotiations across the marketplace of suppliers, the product sourcing software lets you access a large volume of quote requests that are sent to a known audience of trustworthy suppliers frequently.

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Learn how innovations such as those within EC eAuctions can help improve sourcing results

In addition to sourcing and quoting, EC Sourcing Group offers many secondary negotiation options, including standard forward, reverse auctions, and soft auctions, which are a good alternative to the traditional reverse auction process.


Auctions and auction software ensure that you achieve true market pricing for any goods or services in the shortest time possible.

Powered by EC eSourcing, our eAuction software procurement module is straightforward, robust, easy to set up, and can manage virtually any bid template need—from standard commodities to complex total cost of ownership formula-based purchases.

eAuction software includes the powerful features you need and links seamlessly with our eRFx solution. Used in conjunction with tools such as our RFP management software, you can manage other aspects of procurement, and streamline your efficiency.