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EC Sourcing Team

Andy Caetta

Andy Caetta

Chief Operating Officer

Andy is a Co-Founder of EC Sourcing Group and co-designer of the FlexRFP e-Sourcing solution. Along with Co-Founder Ron Emma, Andy sets the overall direction of the company and the long-term development plan for the company’s procurement sourcing solutions. Andy leads EC Sourcing Group’s customer service and development teams and manages the development process, including FlexRFP eSourcing and auction software design, coding, testing, and delivery of both new products and upgrades—and more. Andy also spearheads the company’s customer service efforts and manages the company’s support desk personnel.

Managing both customer service and development enables Andy to turn user feedback into meaningful upgrades to the company’s solutions.

Prior to starting EC Sourcing Group, Andy had 22 years of experience in the consumer products industry at Nabisco in the areas of procurement, finance, planning/budgeting, and systems design.

At Nabisco, Andy was Director of Strategic Sourcing for the International Operations Group covering Latin America and Europe. He was responsible for expanding the sourcing process to all International units, developed systems to leverage multiple business units. He was the leader in using the Internet to better manage the process globally.

Andy’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I can create unlimited bid pricing templates that are customized to the way I analyze responses which helps me jumpstart the eSourcing process and streamline post bid analysis.

Andy received his BS in Finance from Lehigh University.

Ron Emma

Ron Emma

Chief Marketing Officer

Ron is a Co-Founder of EC Sourcing Group and co-designer of the FlexRFP eSourcing software. Along with Andy Caetta, Ron sets the overall direction of the company and long-term development plan for the company’s procurement sourcing solutions. Ron oversees EC Sourcing Group’s Sales & Marketing teams and is responsible for revenue growth through new customer acquisition, channel partner development, and value-added marketing. Ron is also responsible for managing the company’s marketing activities, developing all marketing content, including press materials and the company’s website.

Before starting EC Sourcing Group, Ron had eight years in project management experience covering the consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing industries. He gained this experience through 4 years at Nabisco and four years at Price Waterhouse.

At Nabisco, Ron was the Manager of Strategic Sourcing for the International Operations Group, where he was responsible for developing the sourcing strategy for Nabisco International and instilling the overall philosophy to all local and international procurement departments. His role included system development and training to ensure quick installation and proper usage.

Prior to Nabisco, Ron worked as a Project Manager with Price Waterhouse in both the audit area and consulting practices.

Ron’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I love that the entire procurement sourcing process can be facilitated in one place with the data seamlessly flowing between solutions along with visibility to all stakeholders, process owners and leadership.

Ron is a CPA and received his BS in Accounting from Rutgers University.

Ian Diakov

Ian Diakov

Chief Technology Officer

Ian serves as EC Sourcing Group’s Chief Technology Officer and currently leads its IT, Software Development, Integration, and Data Scientist Teams. Ian is the founder of Procurement Optimization and Analytics specialty organization, BidMode, and helped lead the post M&A integration of their proprietary assets and innovations to EC Sourcing Group solutions across 2020.

Prior to founding BidMode, Ian led teams at Iasta and MOBI where he was deployed against solving some of the market’s most pressing eSourcing, Award Optimization, and Analytics-related challenges. Ian is a procurement technology pioneer with advanced subject matter expertise in Integration, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Agile Development.

“Based on Ian’s extensive background and proven success in accelerating value as a procurement technology leader, we are thrilled to have him leading our technology and data management strategy as our CTO,” states EC Sourcing Group co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Ron Emma.”

Ian’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
The elegant simplicity of analyzing complex scenarios in a matter of seconds that historically would have taken hours in excel.

After work, Ian enjoys playing competitive basketball and going to the gym. He is an avid chef with a preference for Mediterranean and Russian cuisine.

Ian received his BS in Business at Indiana University Bloomington.

Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith

Director, Business Development

As the Business Development Director, Jerry is responsible for new customer acquisition and pursuit of additional channel relationships. Jerry can help guide most prospects through a process that helps them make an informed, educated decision about our solutions. Jerry enjoys talking with potential customers and existing customers about how they want to improve their procurement management process with easy to use software.

Jerry joined EC Sourcing Group in 2002 after a 30-year career at AT&T. During his career, Jerry’s responsibilities ranged from engineering assignments, including the layout of two 350,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facilities and development of telephones to marketing assignments, including management of an $80M line of telephones to the establishment of a $50M international sales organization.

Mike’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I especially like the automatic pre programmed milestone reminders set up that are sent only to those suppliers not in compliance.

Jerry holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from Loyola College.

Mike Jeffries

Mike Jeffries

Director, Sales & Marketing

Mike will help you and your team uncover hidden opportunities in the procurement cycle that will increase efficiency and reduce expenses without impacting quality or the way you do business. His experience in financial and operational accounting, budgeting, and marketing give him a perspective that sets him apart from consultants with a narrower blend of experience.

Mike has extensive experience as a financial executive, CPA, marketing innovator, sales leader, entrepreneur, and business owner. This financial and operational experience uniquely positions him to help senior executives strategically drive down costs throughout the procurement cycle.

He is an entrepreneur and innovator. After obtaining his MBA from the University of Connecticut, he began his career at an international accounting firm and then became the financial officer for a division of a Fortune 500 manufacturer. As a CPA, he founded, merged, grew and sold a successful business consulting and accounting practice that he operated for 12 years.

He then founded a company to provide strategic and tactical marketing consulting services. The system he created helped thousands of sales professionals and business owners worldwide to grow their sales dynamically.

Mike’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I love how Optimization can impact people’s lives. It’s exciting to think that a process that took one or two weeks in the past can be accomplished in one or two days and with fewer sleepless nights.

Mike holds an MBA in accounting from the University of Connecticut School of Business.

Allison Smith

Allison (Smith) Glowacki


As Controller, Allison is responsible for supervising all of the accounting activities. She also supports both client implementations and background processes, ensuring successful outcomes. Allison also helps manage all inbound company leads and the company’s global marketing strategies and campaigns.

In addition, using our Process Management tool has really helped streamline the process once our sales team receives a signed contract. The transition from the sales team to the client success team is now seamless and all interested parties can check the status at any time.

Allison’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
Using our Contract Repository makes finding contract details a simple and quick process. I have multiple monthly reports that get automatically created and sent which helps me stay on top of important contract dates and other related data.

Allison has been a part of the EC Sourcing Group team since 2004 and became full time upon her graduation from college in 2007. Allison earned her Economics degree from Bucknell University and is currently working towards her MBA.

Andrew Caetta

Andrew Caetta

Account Manager

As Account Manager, Andrew is involved with all aspects of the client onboarding and implementation process, as well as serving as the day-to-day contact for his clients. He also serves as the project lead for a handful of clients, working to attain the lowest cost for the highest quality of service on their behalf. Andrew has over five years of Strategic Sourcing / eSourcing experience.

Prior to joining EC Sourcing Group, Andrew worked at AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company in the Corporate Sourcing and Procurement department. While with AXA, Andrew was part of the end-to-end sourcing process for non-IT categories – focused specifically on consulting, training, and healthcare services.

Andrew’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I love the ability to not only follow the project lifecycle from inception to completion, but also the fact that the project related data seamlessly flows from one solution to another.

Andrew received his BS in Business Administration (with a Management concentration) from Towson University. Andrew holds a Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt certification.

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

Director of Sourcing

As Director of Sourcing, Jennifer is responsible for day-to-day contact with clients to ensure successful transitions for new clients as well as being an on-going support to all clients’ procurement sourcing needs.

Jennifer has nearly 15 years of strategic sourcing experience, leading third-party sourcing contracts for major airlines at Gategroup, in addition to managing various indirect spend categories at AOL and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Jennifer’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I love the flexibility the system provides which allows clients to use the system to fit their individual needs.

Jennifer received her BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

Jen Andretta

Jen Andretta

Procurement & Software Specialist

As a Procurement & Software Specialist, Jen works with companies who are frustrated with their procurement process. They are typically unhappy with answering the same questions everyday: “Is the RFP finished?” “Was the new supplier onboarded?” “Is the contract finalized?”

She works with procurement teams to choose the right sourcing software solutions and digitize procurement to automate the tedious tasks that bog them down. Jen is energetic and enjoys helping companies implement solutions that improve their everyday lives.

Prior to EC Sourcing Group Jen partnered with business owners to improve the quality of their corporate communications.

Jen’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s Software:
I love seeing someone’s eyes light up when they experience the time reduction and financial savings Optimization presents them when making award decisions. From days to hours…it’s life changing.

Jen received her BS in Business Administration at Marist College.

Shandon Gunter

Shandon Gunter

Director, Procurement Solutions

As the Director of Procurement Solutions for EC Sourcing Group, he is responsible for market
intelligence, best practices research, and technology solution design in support of strategic procurement challenges.

Across his career Shandon has worked with specialty procurement firms Synertrade, SpendHQ, and Insight Sourcing Group. Prior to his procurement experience, Shandon was an Associate Director with CEB (now Gartner), a best-practices advisory firm supporting more than 30,000 executives and over 85% of the Fortune 500.

Shandon has led research, sales, and client engagement initiatives in areas such as cost reduction programs, risk mitigation, increasing influence, accelerating procurement value, outside counsel fee management, electronic discovery response strategy, compliance and ethics training, M&A strategy, e-sourcing, contract management, supplier relationship
management, and spend analytics. These initiatives have supported clients across most industry segments, including but not limited to Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Industrial Construction, Financial Services, Education, Technology, and Non-Profits.

Shandon currently services as Co-Chair for the Madison House Alumni Council, the alumni cohort for the University of Virginia’s student led services organization, Madison House.

Shandon’s favorite aspect of EC Sourcing’s software:
One of the most compelling aspects of EC Sourcing Group’s toolset is its ease of use equally from both a buyer and supplier perspective. It’s optimization and award scenario solution also provides rapid analysis that historically would have taken hours upon hours of work in Excel.

Shandon received his BA in Economics at The University of Virginia.

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