Module: Process Management

Better visibility & less confusion = happy customers

Our process management module provides you with one place to manage all procurement processes, which provides better visibility for both stakeholders and the procurement team. How many emails or calls do you receive asking for an update on this RFP or that contract or when will that supplier be onboarded? Imagine a central location where all those answers could be found by each individual in a self-service manner without talking to you.

Our clients are using PM to organize many different processes – from the very simple (click here when you need procurement) to multi step approval flows that include 12 steps across 12 different departments. PM is very flexible so adding new steps or new approvals can be done in under an hour by an admin user.

This includes routing contracts for approval, performing pre-RFP tasks or approvals, post RFP (or pre contract) approvals and just about anything else that occurs in your procurement process today.

Example Procurement Process
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Rogue Spend – Why Stakeholders Improvise

Rogue spend is often driven by stakeholders improvising because they need to get their job done and procurement doesn’t seem to be helping. Procurement professionals often focus on high profile, strategic and high volume spend. This makes perfect sense because success...

If You Could Solve These Common Challenges in Procurement

If you could solve some or all these common procurement challenges how much better would life be for you and your team? Lack of visibility Complicated onboarding or purchase processes that “motivates” rogue spend Solutions that are sitting on the shelf because they...

RFP Due Dates Are Closer Than They Appear

Are RFP due dates always sneaking up on you? Have you been put in an embarrassing position because you couldn’t meet the timetable of senior management or your supervisor? Most eSourcing platforms are designed to only handle certain types of events. Maybe that is why...

How One Major Metropolitan School District is Driving Efficiency in Procurement

One major metropolitan school district has achieved dramatic efficiency gains and gained control over critical spend categories in the past year. For years the district was saddled with an antiquated manual system to solicit, analyze and award bids for goods and...

Are Your Purchasing and Budgeting Systems Encouraging Rogue Spend?

Rogue spend is often a sign that there are bigger issues in purchasing and budgeting that aren’t being addressed. Let me outline a couple of recent stories that were shared with me to illustrate some underlying issues. A company was opening a new facility....


We selected EC Sourcing to facilitate our purchased services and capital equipment bidding processes. Since implementation over 4 years ago,we’ve had great success using the solution to generate savings and leverage the automated web-based platform to increase visibility and cross functional team participation, improve bid process cycle time and overall organization to provide a more formal straightforward bidding process. We have found the solution to be easy for all parties with high vendor participation. We have used the solution to negotiate small buys and extremely large capital purchases with success on all levels. Lastly, EC Sourcing Group has provided a high level of support both on technical matters and strategic sourcing strategy.

Ken Macon

Catholic Health Care Partners

Your software is great! I have been involved in many of these (e-Sourcing negotiations) and in fact just finished one last week for Schering Plough. Your software is much less complicated and more user-friendly than any of the other ones I have used.

Jean Labanowski

Global Computer Supplies

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