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Less pain, more efficiency, better visibility and savings with sourcing software and eSourcing tools

Strategic sourcing can be highly complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming—if done well. If you’re overwhelmed or frustrated while managing RFPs, or building analysis spreadsheets, developing award scenarios, or simply keeping track of it all, EC Sourcing may be able to help.

Once you try FlexRFP™ eSourcing, you’ll think twice about your sourcing management software!

RFP Solutions and RFP Management

TheFlexRFP™ tool, our RFP management software, is a highly efficient, cutting-edge approach to traditional strategic eSourcing. Our RFP case management software is a collaborative, Internet-based Sarbanes Oxley Compliant e-sourcing solution that allows for an organized, structured, and repeatable process.


FlexRFP™ eSourcing at a Glance

A robust yet straightforward  procurement sourcing solution, FlexRFP, and sourcing automation:

  • Offers comprehensive bid template possibilities:
    • TCO, formulas, etc.
    • Bid templates can be in any format and can vary by event
    • If/then statements
  • Allows for quick “3 bids and a buy” quotes: setup and launch in 5 minutes or less
  • Features numerous template possibilities: to promote rapid and efficient re-use
  • Gives you various supplier bid input controls: only receive content you want
  • Program is Excel-friendly: upload or download thousands of items from hundreds of suppliers, etc.
  • Dynamic Invitation: automatically invite suppliers based on approvals on any data element (i.e. category, manufacturer number, or zip code) and then show or hide items based on those approvals

More than a sourcing software solution or sourcing software, FlexRFP also:

  • Offers a full questionnaire / survey ability with optional score carding
  • Features soft and live auctions
  • Feature-rich specification management
  • Offers client configured supplier and project tagging, enabling you to group information in ways that are meaningful to you (such as ‘show me all minority owned enterprises in Northern California,’ etc.)
  • Allows supplier self-serve registration

FlexRFP™ eSourcing Software Benefits:

  1. Hard dollar savings (on an average of 18%)
  2. Process efficiency and time savings of 40-60%; cut project cycle times in half
  3. Process transparency
  4. Full audit and archival capabilities for SOX compliance and re-use purposes
  5. Greatly improved data collection and analysis capabilities
  6. Collaborative communications and document exchange
  7. Proactive project status monitoring and notification
  8. Familiar Microsoft Excel®-like functionality on our RFP platform
  9. Better visibility into sourcing progress and outcomes
  10. Soft Auction™ functionality—auction benefits without performing an auction

eRFx / eSourcing tools put an end to:

  • Impossible–to–find sourcing data you’ve used previously
  • Internal audits that are painful because of lack of documentation
  • Categories that do not get sourced at all

FlexRFPeSourcing: FlexQ2S™

Use FlexQ2S™ (Quote to Specification) if you’re moving away from in-house production and toward contracting with offshore suppliers. The sourcing effort required, in this case, requires different functionality.

Instead of annual or multi-year contract negotiations across the marketplace of suppliers, the product sourcing software lets you access a large volume of quote requests that are sent to a known audience of trustworthy suppliers frequently.

Unlike traditional sourcing or eSourcing, the item specifications may not be known beforehand and can be provided by the suppliers as part of their proposal. From these proposals, a specification document must then be generated for accurate ordering and production—which can change over time.

FlexRFPeSourcing: FlexQ2S™

It is a collaborative, Internet-based platform that:

  • Establishes a structured and consistent process that prevents incomplete quotes and specifications
  • Improves the communication and clarity of quote requests and specification changes
  • Allows visibility to historical item use, cost, and vendors
  • Streamlines processes and eliminates duplicate work necessitated by re-inputting information
  • Reduces costly mistakes due to changes in specifications

Thanks to sourcing automation, FlexQ2S™ makes accessing important data easy and convenient!


For more information on our solution and how to improve your RFP process, or if you would like to schedule a demo, contact EC Sourcing Group today by calling (973) 936-9672, option 1.

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eSourcing Solution Screen Shots:


We selected EC Sourcing to facilitate our purchased services and capital equipment bidding processes. Since implementation over 4 years ago,we’ve had great success using the solution to generate savings and leverage the automated web-based platform to increase visibility and cross functional team participation, improve bid process cycle time and overall organization to provide a more formal straightforward bidding process. We have found the solution to be easy for all parties with high vendor participation. We have used the solution to negotiate small buys and extremely large capital purchases with success on all levels. Lastly, EC Sourcing Group has provided a high level of support both on technical matters and strategic sourcing strategy.

Ken Macon

Catholic Health Care Partners

Your software is great! I have been involved in many of these (e-Sourcing negotiations) and in fact just finished one last week for Schering Plough. Your software is much less complicated and more user-friendly than any of the other ones I have used.

Jean Labanowski

Global Computer Supplies

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