How FlexRFP™ Saves Administration Time

You walk into the office, ready to tackle the management duties and customer service for your business. You pull up the chair and then realize the workload piled on your desk is actually all the administrative work you have to organize, document, and send out to vendors. Instead of doing all this work by hand, you can join the other business owners who are turning toward the e-sourcing and vendor RFP solutions offered by FlexRFP™. FlexRFP™ is changing the way that administration tasks are handled for companies of all sizes, yet especially for those businesses that do not have dedicated administrative departments or staff to handle the growing back office workload.

FlexRFP™ Helping Organize the Administrative Back Office Duties

It is easy to allow the administration workload take over day-by-day operations for small businesses. Instead of finding new suppliers, evaluating product quality and developing contracts to acquire merchandise for your supply chain, you are too bogged down with developing and tweaking your budget, inputting data, and developing reports. FlexRFP™ is a sourcing and management solution that takes those tasks and streamlines them into an easy-to-use interface that allows for customized templates and fields which are more suitable for your business.

Easily export and import data to your existing Excel spreadsheets. You can capture, manage, analyze and update data needed to make the best decisions on which vendors and suppliers to select. Create bid templates in the format you desire, automatically send out emails, conduct surveys and grade vendors by qualifications all through a single interface. Draft feedback reports, organize vendors by your parameters and exchange documents with key personnel to keep the business running.

The top benefit that FlexRFP™ gives to your business is that it frees up your time that can be better spent running other operations in your business. You can get three bids from vendors and simply push a button to send a message to the awarded supplier. Manage your bids during your timeframe and add more flexibility to your daily schedule.

Administration Tasks Eats Up Valuable Work Time

Sit back and think about all the time you spend on administration. You develop the surveys, rework the questionnaires, and craft emails to vendors. The budget has to be revised. The data has to be updated in the spreadsheet. Your vendors’ information also has to be grouped in a functional manner based on size, location, ownership and other factors. From analyzing iterative bids to having forward and reverse auctions, all your strategic processes takes up a large amount of your workday.

Spending all that time in the office when you could be managing front room tasks can start to become a detriment to the operations of your business, especially if you are running a small operation with limited staff. Yet you simply may not have the time or resources to hire administration personnel. FlexRFP™ takes the administration tasks and streamlines the process into an easy-to-use interface that does not require a person to be a programmer to customize and use. With templates that can be created in a number of formats, auditing capabilities, bid management and vendor analysis, you can take more of the manual workload off of your desk and automate it so you have more efficient strategic processes. So you are still in control of the administration tasks, yet these tasks do not control your entire workday.

The FlexRFP™ e-sourcing suite works with your current process as it requires little training to use. You customize it to fit into your operations as it has the scalability that most business owners need to stay competitive and expand their companies. Spend less time on administration tasks and more time on other productive work with this intuitive vendor management solution.