How ECSG Can Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Your business is your livelihood. Cornering your market niche allows you to bring in more customers who are interested in your products. Yet you can quickly lose this competitive edge due to overspending on your budget or poor sourcing methods. EC Sourcing Group (ECSG) has created strategic sourcing and vendor management solutions for businesses to help you leverage your expenses and sourcing capabilities to gain a greater competitive edge in your chosen market segments.

Increase Your Purchasing Power with Better Spending Analysis

You want to offer the best products at the lowest prices to edge out your competition. Yet you can’t control your present cash flow due to your expenses. You find yourself drifting farther and farther out of the market you want to compete in because you can’t afford the quality products you want.

Managing your budget to make better investments is a vital task for most businesses. EC Sourcing Group has developed spend analysis solutions to help you figure out where you are spending the most in your operations. FlexRP™ has a reliable and accurate spend analysis tool to gather data about your company, aggregate it, and map the company operations where you may be spending too much. With this spend analysis tool, you can determine more cost-effective methods to run your company and streamline your production infrastructure to bring in more profits. Then you can place the additional working capital toward your sourcing tasks to purchase quality products and increase your product line so your company stays competitive.

Develop Strategic Sourcing Initiatives Tailored to Your Company

So your company has the working capital to obtain the products to meet customer demand. Yet finding the vendors, especially if you rely on global suppliers, is a harder task. You want contract terms that offer the best rates and delivery schedules yet doesn’t compromise on quality.

Yet using the traditional RFP process simply is taking up too much of your time. Mailing out documents and surveys to suppliers, gathering the right data for analysis, and performing internal audits with incomplete reports leads to frustration and wasted time that could be better spent managing your daily operations.

EC Sourcing Group has developed dynamic, user-friendly RFP and E-Sourcing software designed to automate common sourcing tasks so you can free up your workday. Create bid templates designed to your sourcing requirements so you gather the data that is most important to you. Then use this robust FlexRFP™ software to conduct quick bids and buy quotes all in a matter of minutes. Have accurate data information with EC Sourcing Group’s eRFX so internal audits can be performed efficiently with the required documentation and reports to ensure business objectives are met.

Take Your Competitive Business Overseas

The next step in business expansion is to take your products to global markets. So you will need global suppliers and interactive RFP processes to obtain product specifications and documentation to ensure you are ordering the right products at the highest quality possible. Yet working with overseas vendors can be difficult. You need to obtain the right vendor information, gain clarity in regards to products, and have effective communication in regards to quote requests.

EC Sourcing Group has developed FlexQ2S™ that helps with obtaining quotes from global suppliers and input information whenever it is obtained. You are able to update and change information without making duplicate records that can slow down the bidding process. With product specifications, historical costs and vendor information available, you can make the best sourcing decisions when working with any vendors around the globe.

Being competitive in local and global markets requires effective managing of your costs and your sourcing requirements. Eliminate wasteful, traditional paper-based RFP processes and invest in smart e-sourcing solutions available from EC Sourcing Group. Beat out the competitors and control your market segments with the software that can get your operations and sourcing on the right track.