The Best Way to Organize Your RFP

If you are anything like many other health or retail professionals, you have grown weary of your corporation’s request for proposal process currently in place.  Typically, the request for proposal (RFP) process can be a highly complex, labor intensive and time consuming time period.  Oftentimes, it involves developing RFPs and conducting bid analysis.  In essence, it becomes a highly stressful period where those working on the process desire a more state of the art solution for identifying qualified candidates for vendor contracts and a follow-up mechanism for managing those contracts once they have been established and are in place.

You do not have to stress about developing and overseeing your RFP process any longer.  With the FlexRFP software solution, you can incorporate a simple but robust solution for sorting and analyzing bids as well as collaborating with colleagues and superiors on the decision process.  FlexRFP serves as a state of the art sourcing software solution for identifying, qualifying and managing vendor contracts.  It is a highly efficient Web-based sourcing solution for collaborative work related to the RFP process and vendor contract management.

Seeking a Sourcing Software Solution for Improving the RFP Process and Beyond

Given the problems related to the RFP process as well as the management of vendor and supplier contracts once the process is over, you want a solution that will enable you to:

  • Gather data from potential suppliers and vendors for proper analysis
  • Monitor and collaborate with colleagues and superiors throughout the process
  • View and share documents in a functional manner
  • Manage contracts simply and efficiently once the RFP process has been completed
  • Conduct information gathering through a strategic solution that identifies the most qualified candidates with transparency throughout the process

Fundamental Features and Functions of FlexRFP RFP Software

With FlexRFP RFP software, you can:

  • Access and distribute from a comprehensive library of bid templates in virtually any format
  • Simple and easy setup and launch that can take 5 minutes or less to complete
  • Score carding capabilities (optional)
  • Questionnaire and survey administration features
  • Content input controls for various supplier bids, allowing you to only receive the essential content that you want
  • Soft and live auction features
  • Tagging for individual suppliers and projects
  • Excel-friendly programming allows for the uploading and downloading thousands of items
  • Self-service registration for suppliers

Improvements with the Implementation of FlexRFP

Implementation of such an efficient e-sourcing solution can help you:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Save dollars
  • Enhance transparency
  • Reduce staff hours spent on the process
  • Greatly improve data collection and data analysis capabilities

FlexRFP is by no means a hard sell.  Imagine saving an average of 18% off the top.  Follow that up with the time savings due to the increased efficiency of the RFP process itself through the implementation of such a sourcing solution.  Add on top of that the fact that the solution makes collaboration more transparent and in real time with communications and document exchange features included within it.  The various features and the overall functionality of the solution virtually sell themselves.

Eliminate the Headaches Associated with an Antiquated RFP Process

You eliminate some of the headaches associated with the entire RFP process from start to finish with the implementation the FlexRFP software solution.  The painful and grueling process of searching for adequate and acceptable documentation during internal audits will no longer be a problem for you and your team.  You can categorize all sorts of information and set controls for the types of information that is submitted.  Implement the RFP process and contract management with simplicity and less complexity.