Sourcing 101 – How Will a Strategic Contract Management System Help Your Bottom Line and Control Risk?

It is quite surprising to learn how many organizations don’t have a strategic contract management system in place. Without a system these organizations are creating unnecessary risk and potentially jeopardizing their future. Conceptually these systems are a “no brainer” from a C-level standpoint. The biggest challenge is often based on all of the operating units on board. See if any of these challenges sound familiar:

  • Lack of a centralized repository for contracts even at the operating unit level
  • Inability to track contract renewals
  • Contract abstracts omit key terms
  • Contract abstracts haven’t been updated for the latest amendments
  • Missing amendments or addendums
  • Incomplete list of owner and administrator for each contract
  • Turnover of key contacts at major suppliers or within your organization
  • And the list can go on and on…

Every challenge on the list will cost your organization time and money. A well-organized contract management system will allow your organization to:

  • Negotiate and manage contracts and agreements
  • Avoid automatic renewal of unfavorable agreements or any agreement for that matter
  • Reduce contract administration time
  • Provide a base of standard terms the company will accept
  • Easily manage due dates with automatic reminders well in advance
  • Assure that contract obligations like fees, commitments and required payments are met in a timely manner
  • Quickly access contract data in spend categories to help negotiate renewals or new contracts for similar services or supplies
  • Make better decisions because you have better data at your fingertips

With so much to gain I have to wonder why organizations aren’t willing to get this done. Collecting all of the contracts, amendments, addendums and contacts will be a bit challenging but the benefits will be significant. Once the system is in place – maintenance will be a far easier task.
Action Step: What would be next step if your organization needs a full contract management system or an overhaul?
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Next week I will continue on this same theme so your organization can improve your bottom line.
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