How Technology Can Streamline Internal Communication

Ensuring efficient communications within your company is a vital part of ensuring it runs like a well-oiled machine. It can also be a significant challenge, especially as your company grows larger in size and in revenues. Everybody needs to be able to access the information they need for their jobs and to be able to communicate with each other, but too often the systems designed for this have been set up in an ad-hoc fashion and only occasionally, unevenly updated and upgraded.

The result is an inefficient system where things can get lost or overlooked. Whether this is an email or an instant message or a notification reminder, these losses of communications and of information can be a big problem for internal company communication.

Streamlining Your Company

The modern age has opened up vast new possibilities for communication, but you need proper planning and the right software to make full use of this potential. To streamline your company you need to make sure you’ve got the right conditions for it. Once those conditions are in place, however, the ability for internal communications to be conducted efficiently is made far stronger and more reliable, and you will be at significantly less risk of lost information, requests, emails, and so forth.


A tool such as EC Sourcing Group’s FlexRFP™ tool is a perfect solution to the challenges created by the complex world of modern information and communication technology. This powerful tool has been designed from the ground up to be as simple to use as possible without compromising any of the robustness that a major company demands and requires. Take a look at some of the ways in which EC Sourcing’s tools can streamline your communication processes:

  • A variety of bid templates that can be arranged by event and have a variety of formats
  • Fully Excel-compatible for importing and exporting as many documents as you require
  • Allows rapid 3 bids and a buy quotes, with setting up and launching in five minutes or less
  • Supplier bid input controls so you only see the content you want
  • Supplier and project tagging to help group information in the way you find most useful
  • Soft and live auctions

As you can begin to see it is a very comprehensive tool with an extensive array of features designed to support your business and make things as easy as possible for you.

Benefits of the FlexRFP™ Tool

The tangible benefits of our FlexRFP™ Tool are numerous and have been well established by existing clients. Among them, we have found hard dollar savings of 18% on average, whilst improvements in process efficiency and time savings amount to as much as 60%, cutting project cycles in half. Also of note is that it becomes far easier to collect, analyze, and retain data, which both improves process transparency and makes auditing significantly easier. This in turn ensures easy and full compliance with SOX regulations, whilst also ensuring you don’t lose track of the origins of an information source.

The FlexRFP™ Tool from EC Sourcing Group is, as described, a powerful and effective way to manage your information flows and company communications. Use of it will ensure greater reliability, greater convenience, and significant savings. If your company is searching for a way to streamline your internal communications, consider the FlexRFP™ Tool as your solution.