30 Days Closer to Spend Excellence

I’d thought I share my thoughts after being part of the Simfoni family for 30 days. As you might expect, selling your 21-year-old business is sort of like selling your favorite putter or wedge – well, if you’re a golfer like me. It’s the strangest feeling in the world. You go through an array of emotions from ‘WOW that’s a lot of money!’ to ‘What was I thinking?’ to ‘I am going to miss those putts!’.

As it turns out, joining Simfoni is the best decision I’ve ever made. Read on to learn why.

Expanded Solutions Means Greater Customer Benefit

Our expanded solution offers more value to procurement than it ever has before, for starters. We can now support the entire spend lifecycle for customers and prospects from initial spend analysis to full P2P and all points in between. It’s wonderful to deliver world-class Spend Intelligence to help procurement leaders become more data-driven.

The ability to spot sourcing opportunities early is incredibly powerful. It’s also more valuable for our customers to act on potential savings as early as possible. Harnessing innovations like Machine-Learning, Natural Language Processing, and AI to streamline and scale the data cleanse and refresh processes increases the speed to impact and value for us internally and for all customers. In addition, the ability to offer world-class tail spend management via a pay-as-you-save model is virtually unparalleled in terms of value to the market.

So many companies never leverage P2P or pursue tail spend management solutions because the upfront costs are prohibitive.

A Global Presence Means More Customer Support

We now have additional support personnel located everywhere globally – across 17 time zones to be exact. These other team members help ensure the success of our global customers, which in turn ensures our success. Not to mention, we now have a wealth of category experts that reside within these ranks. These colleagues have already helped us secure several new eSourcing customers with their valuable expertise. Like our organizational DNA, many team members are sourcing practitioners so we feel right at home in working with those who truly ‘get it.’

Selling My Business Is the Best Decision for All Customers

Many think selling your business will result in it being taken in a different direction than what your vision had planned. After joining the Simfoni family, I can attest that this hasn’t been true. Certainly, things have changed, but these changes are reaping positive benefits to our customers and to us.

By working closely with the Simfoni team, we have already harmonized our user interface and meaningful improvements. We have also expanded our bench by adding several key positions to help us reach our full potential. We even started a new business line that wouldn’t have been possible without the additional resources from Simfoni.

Changes, challenges, and learnings are expected, but these will position us for higher growth in 2022 and beyond.

Happy Customers All Around

Speaking of growth, essentially, we are three weeks in (took some vacation right after the transaction was complete) and we’re already having fruitful cross-selling conversations. Our customers react positively to Simfoni solutions, and Simfoni customers react well to our value proposition. We all know that a warm referral is the best sales lead to receive, and now we have hundreds of warm cross-sale opportunities to work on across the organization.

By working closely with the Simfoni team, we have already harmonized our user interface and made meaningful improvements.

I look forward to working with you in the future to help speed your journey to seeing Spend differently and achieving procurement and sourcing excellence with our

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products and services by your side. Until then!

– Ron Emma, CEO, EC Sourcing