Extremely cost efficient and operationally effective

We selected EC Sourcing Group because it is extremely cost efficient and operationally effective. It is cost efficient because we do not need a team of people to do project setup. The software is so easy that our sourcing teams self-manage all projects. This keeps our cost of delivery down and allows projects to be set up quickly – thus lowering costs and shortens time to results.

It is operationally effective because the user interface and the supplier interface are clean and tight. We consistently get feedback from suppliers that our system is the easiest to understand and navigate.

We have been on the platform since 2003. We monitor the market and evaluate other options on a regular basis but we still have not found a product that is this easy to use – so we stay! They are always asking, “What can we do to improve the user experience?” And many times we see our suggestions acted on, so we know they truly listen to our needs.

Customer service is outstanding. Actually we are always pleasantly surprised by the timeliness and thoroughness of their responses. They understand our business, and make sure we are in a position to provide great support to our clients.

While EC Sourcing Group has added good modules, there are tools out there with more bells and whistles. However, we prefer a partner who blocks and tackles better than anyone else and that’s why we stay with the EC Sourcing Group.

Randy Briesath

CEO, Supply Tigers