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Our success is the satisfaction of our clients. To help you assess the quality of our software tools and customer service
excellence we take great pride in sharing the experiences of our clients. We invite you to gain valuable insight into our company, its products and services by the company we keep. To learn more, click on Client Testimonials.

The suppliers of our clients are vital to a successful supply management solution. Making it easy for your suppliers to respond and participate in your sourcing activities is paramount to your overall sourcing success. To read some of the unsolicited comments we have received from suppliers that have used our products click on Supplier Testimonials.

Client Testimonials:

FlexRFP is the solution I wish I found sooner and we immediately realized efficiencies. The newfound productivity is becoming a strategic focus as leverage to win business in my department as well as the organization. Furthermore, the transition of our old quoting system was nearly flawless with the service and support of EC Sourcing as a whole. All in all, a great company to start a partnership with.

Joe C

General Cable

EC Sourcing Group solutions save us a significant amount of time each day. Ron and his team helped us design and develop the custom solution we needed and continue to add new features each year to make our jobs easier. We value our partnership with EC Sourcing and the sourcing management solutions they provide us.

Berwick Offray


We selected EC Sourcing to facilitate our indirect spend categories competitive bidding processes. Since implementation over 3 years ago, we’ve had great success using the solution to generate savings and leverage the automated web-based platform to increase bid visibility, timing and structure to provide a more formalized and credible bidding process. Our inter-company cross-functional team members have found the site to be very user friendly along with the invited vendors. We have found the bidding tool to be extremely easy to use by all parties involved with extremely high vendor participation rates. We find the system to be flexible to accommodate any spend category and the EC Sourcing Team continues to exceed our expectations in support and system capabilities.

Bryan Major

US Based Global Clothing Retailer/Wholesaler

I run many sourcing events through this platform every month. In a few instances, we’ve had to use our client’s sourcing platform and all of these other competing systems fail in comparison to EC Sourcing’s product; particularly with how user-friendly it is and how quickly you can learn how to use it or train others how to use it. The vendors/suppliers are very happy with the system from the proposal submission side as well. We get many compliments and rarely receive any questions on how to navigate through the site or where to find information. I think one of the main reasons why the FlexRFP system stands out above the rest is because it was created by former purchasing/procurement people instead of IT/database managers.
They understand what you need and how you want to receive it because they’ve lived in your world. They also implement many client enhancement ideas.

Tony Tufts

Senior Analyst, Provident Spend Management

FlexRFP streamlines and organizes the sourcing process which results in significant time savings. The system was so flexible; it allowed us to setup our own templates, with our own preferred organization and project options, which in turn resulted in better supplier quotes upon receipt. This organization also enables faster and streamlined bid analysis thereby saving time during the award phase as well. We’ve been extremely pleased with EC Sourcing Group’s support both during implementation and throughout our relationship.

Bill A.

We selected EC Sourcing to facilitate our purchased services and capital equipment bidding processes. Since implementation over 4 years ago,we’ve had great success using the solution to generate savings and leverage the automated web-based platform to increase visibility and cross functional team participation, improve bid process cycle time and overall organization to provide a more formal straightforward bidding process. We have found the solution to be easy for all parties with high vendor participation. We have used the solution to negotiate small buys and extremely large capital purchases with success on all levels. Lastly, EC Sourcing Group has provided a high level of support both on technical matters and strategic sourcing strategy.

Ken Macon

Catholic Health Care Partners

We selected EC Sourcing Group because it is extremely cost efficient and operationally effective. It is cost efficient because we do not need a team of people to do project setup. The software is so easy that our sourcing teams self-manage all projects. This keeps our cost of delivery down and allows projects to be set up quickly – thus lowering costs and shortens time to results.

It is operationally effective because the user interface and the supplier interface are clean and tight. We consistently get feedback from suppliers that our system is the easiest to understand and navigate.

We have been on the platform since 2003. We monitor the market and evaluate other options on a regular basis but we still have not found a product that is this easy to use – so we stay! They are always asking, “What can we do to improve the user experience?” And many times we see our suggestions acted on, so we know they truly listen to our needs.

Customer service is outstanding. Actually we are always pleasantly surprised by the timeliness and thoroughness of their responses. They understand our business, and make sure we are in a position to provide great support to our clients.

While EC Sourcing Group has added good solutions, there are tools out there with more bells and whistles. However, we prefer a partner who blocks and tackles better than anyone else and that’s why we stay with the EC Sourcing Group.

Randy Briesath

CEO, Supply Tigers

Supplier Testimonials:

I’ve used at least 4 systems for on-line e-sourcing / e-auctions, and I can say that FlexRFP is easier to use and less intimidating than other systems. The instructions alone for some of the other systems were cumbersome and intimidating, and that added to the stress of the actual bid process. Compared to the 3 other systems I’ve had to use, yours was certainly the most user-friendly. FlexRFP made me feel comfortable quickly, and I never felt like I “must be doing something wrong” as you might with other systems. You can use the above quote along with my name, because I sincerely feel that you have a user friendly product.

Ed Grimaldi

VP, National Accounts Nesco Erik Lighting

Your software is great! I have been involved in many of these (e-Sourcing negotiations) and in fact just finished one last week for Schering Plough. Your software is much less complicated and more user-friendly than any of the other ones I have used.

Jean Labanowski

Global Computer Supplies

My feedback is this… I have been in wireless for 12 years and this is the best RFI/RFP process that I have experienced, streamlined, concise, and easy to understand. This is coming from someone who has worked in executive level corporate offices for other tower companies and providers. Nice job, please pass along my compliments.

Paul Clewell

Vice President , Albion Scaccia Enterprises