EC Esourcing


More Efficiency, Transparency and Savings
Sourcing can be highly complex, labor intensive and time consuming. If you’re spending too much time on RFP management, bid analysis spreadsheets, or the myriad of other tasks associated with sourcing, look to EC Sourcing for your strategic sourcing solution. eRFx/eSourcing makes email based excel or word sourcing a thing of the past!
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reverse auction case study

Reverse & Soft Auctions

When vendors compete on price, you win
In addition to sourcing and quoting, EC Sourcing Group offers many secondary negotiation options, including standard forward and reverse auctions, reverse auction websites and Soft Auctions, which are a good alternative to the traditional reverse auction process.
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EC Process Management

Process Management

More Efficiency, Transparency and Savings
Our Process Management solution allows you to create your own process / workflow / task assignment template(s) to help manage complex business processes. Certain processes that involve many departments can be difficult to manage without a centralized solution to track and maintain all important information.
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EC Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis

Unify Spend Data and Maximize Savings
Understanding and managing spend is critical to leveraging your corporate buying power and increasing your bottom line. Knowing – at the granular level – how and where your company is spending its money is the key to enjoying greater profits. Continue reading

EC Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Efficient Vendor Management is a Critical Business Function
The performance of your vendor partners directly affects your company’s competitiveness, operating efficiency and cost structures – especially with increasing globalization and outsourcing.
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EC Contract Management

Contract Management

Managing risk is a business imperative
Failing to manage risk jeopardizes compliance profitability, and ultimately, the future of the organization. At the heart of risk management is the process of methodically and efficiently managing corporate contracts from initial negotiation, authoring, and collaboration through compliance and performance management.
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EC Optimization


Our proprietary Optimization tool will find the best award given your operational realities in 50% to 80% less time if you are doing this in Excel today. Continue reading

EC Intelligence


In today’s world, users want to see all of their teams activities quickly and easily. Our intelligence solutions​ allows you to quickly see high level information on all flexRFP solutions in configurable charts and graphs. Continue reading