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Andy Caetta
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Andy is a Co-Founder of EC Sourcing Group and co-designer of the FlexRFP e-Sourcing solution. Continue reading

About EC Sourcing Group

While there are other eSourcing solutions from which to choose, why should you choose FlexRFP™ from EC Sourcing Group? Very simply, because we understand what you do. We are former Fortune 500 sourcing professionals. We understand you day-to-day reality and have developed a powerful, elegant solution that makes your job easier, faster, more efficient and more profitable. Continue reading

Is FlexRFP for You?

Our revolutionary solutions make it easy to save time and money
Whatever industry you’re in, you owe it to yourself to try the incredible new solutions from EC Sourcing. If you want to increase efficiency, improve your company’s competitive position and simplify your day-to day processes, our easy-to-use, field-proven solutions are the answer.
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